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We are a team of DanceExperts who have come together and joined hands to compile,collate and regularly update a database of the finest dance schools in all possible categories around the country. It is our sincere efforts, dedication and passion that has led to Dance World's success. Despite being awarded as the best review site three time in a row, the factor that matters most for us is the appreciation that we receive from thousands of Dance Enthusiasts whom we have been able to help, in order to select the best dance schools as per their interests.

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Reasons why you should join a Dancing School

1. It's one of the best, proven ways to stay healthy.

2. Dancing helps in improving your body balance and posture.

3. With regular dancing, you start to become more refined and graceful.

4. Dancing is a very good stress buster as well.

5. It's fun, entertaining and a superb way to socialize.

6.Researchers have found dance to havetherapeautic and spiritualbenefits as well.

Tap Dancing

The origin of Tap Dancing goes way back, but this dance form regained its popularity in the late 1990's. With two major variations, Rhythm and Jazz tap, Tap Dance Classes are one of the most sought-after dance forms in the UK. Find out more about our Tap Dance Classes in the UK today.


Ballet is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after dance forms that exist in the world today. Ballet has its roots in the Renaissance Period, and gradually incorporated several new techniques and nuances till it reached its present state today. We have a collection of the finest Ballet Dance Schools in the UK, along with their reviews and detailed joining prerequisites. Aspiring to be a ballerina? It takes years of training and discipline to master the art of performing a ballet. Let us help you choose the best Ballet School in your locality.

Ballroom Dancing

Learn Ballroom Dancing to woo your girlfriend or wife! With our extensive data of Ballroom Dancing Classes, you will be delighted with the wide variety of available options to choose from. Whether it is for an occasion, or simply to impress your girl, Ballroom Dancing is a fun way to socialize and a great way to win the heart of your spouse. Check our Ballroom Dance Class Listings today.

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Thanks to Dance World, I discovered my hidden interest in Tap Dancing. I was just browsing through their site when I noticed Tap Dance Classes being conducted a few blocks away from where I stay, with great reviews. I've been taking these classes for 7 months now and thoroughly enjoying myself.
William M. Cerrato

For me dance is an excellent stress buster, and with Dance World's amazing database, I got to know about some great Ballet Dance Schools in the vicinity of where I'm put up. I was surprised that the reviews and ratings were genuine, unlike other paid review sites where reviews are often fabricated.
Barbara F. Meade
Affinity Investment Group

Being a part-time Dance Instructor, I would certainly recommend Dance World to everybody, purely based on their rich, updated database, detailed reviews and transparent rating system. Kudos to their team for making the site highly informative and useful!
Melissa F. Flanery
Sun Foods